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2011/4/8 Manoillon <>
Hi all,
This small message to present you the web application we are developing for the Wiki Loves Monuments Swiss contest. 
You can reach it at : .
Main features:
 - displays the full list of items per canton (Swiss division), with indication of the ones having already pictures or not
 - allow registered people to "reserve" an item, i.e. to indicate willingness to take a picture of the item
 - allow registered people to link a photo (uploaded on Commons of course) with the corresponding Item
 - displays already existing photos on Commons per item
 - ability for a user to download KML files of all reserved item, all items for a canton or all items without pictures for a canton
Currently, the tool is only available in English and French. Italian and German version should follow very soon next week.
Feedback, comments and ideas welcome !
For the Swiss team,

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