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Inquérito sobre o uso do Wikidata como plataforma educativa, pelo UG Wikimedia Educação

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From: Shani Evenstein <>
Date: domingo, 16/12/2018 à(s) 13:28
Subject: [Wikimedia Education] nvitations to participate in a research about Wikidata as a learning platform
To: Education ML <>

Dear EDUWiki enthusiasts,

I have a huge favor to ask of everyone in this mailing list --

TLDR: *please fill out* *this questionnaire

And now in more details:
As some of you may know, I'm a PhD candidate at the School of Education,
Tel Aviv University, and my research focuses on Wikidata as a learning

To succeed in my research, I need data about how users (such as
yourselves) interact
with Wikidata, so it would be of great help if you could take the time to
fill out the questionnaire linked above.

It's estimated that it should take between 15-30 minutes, depending on how
detailed your answers would be.

I'm striving for at least 100 replies, but this is one of those cases of
"the more, the merrier", so every person filling it out is of huge help.

Please feel free to ping me privately or send me an email if you have any
questions, or if you are willing to participate in a follow up
interview (there's
also an option to mark that in the questionnaire itself).

Thanks in advance for considering filling it out. I will be forever grateful
to anyone who can help and promise to update you on my progress. :)



*Shani Evenstein Sigalov*
EdTech Innovation Strategist, NY/American Medical Program, Sackler School
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PhD Candidate, School of Education, Tel Aviv University.
Lecturer, Tel Aviv University.
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