Do you think of this one?


On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 19:15, Maarten Dammers <> wrote:
Hi Nuno,

Would be nice! You could probably use parts of our European Heritage Awards submission. Where did we put that again...... Elke? Lodewijk?


Op 25-4-2012 17:02, Barbara Fischer schreef:
hello, I would recommand: go for it.

best regards Barbara

Am 25. April 2012 16:13 schrieb Nuno Tavares <>:
Hi all,

Gonçalo Themudo is proposing to register WLM (as a global event) for European Comission e-Inclusion Awards:

Since WLM is now worldwidespread, we think it makes more sense to run up at the global level, instead of focusing on the Portuguese initiative.

What do you say? Please be quick. Deadline is May 4th.

Please keep Gonçalo Themudo in CC, as he is no longer subscribed to this list.


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