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From: Delphine Ménard <>
Date: 2011/4/30
Subject: [Wiki Loves Monuments] Winner of the Wiki Loves Monuments Logo Contest
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Hello all,

The contest has now come to an end, with more than 30 logos in
competitions, and many votes to choose the logo.

The winner of the competition is:

Piece of puzzle monument 2
by User:Lusitana

Which can be seen here:

There were lots of good logos, and some came close second, notably:
YATL – Yet another tower logo

Somewhat hand drawn heartish - Compact

All vote results can be found on this page:

I want to thank everyone who participated, both in designing great
logos, and in voting for choosing the best logo. There were tons of
ideas in there, and some I am sure can be used again throughout the
Wiki Loves Monuments competition.




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