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Subject: [wikicite-discuss] Fwd: [Open-GLAM] Applications for CC Summit are now open!
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Something of potential interest to many here:

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Subject: [Open-GLAM] Applications for CC Summit are now open!
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Hi everyone,

The call for applications for the Creative Commons Global Summit are finally open - you can either apply for a scholarship or submit a presentation here: https://creativecommons.org/2020/01/22/cc-global-summit-proposals-and-scholarship-applications/ . Deadline for applications is February 12, 2020.

This year (as last year) there's a GLAM track. This year there's a an invitation to submit proposals that address the topics and issues outlined in the tracks below with a focus on actionable insights and outcomes, from case studies to workshops and storytelling sessions.

The Open GLAM track invites proposals that address the following:

Open Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums – Improving and expanding open access to cultural heritage

GLAM institutions are a core part of how we understand heritage and creativity. Open licensing is a key part to make cultural data and content available in an equitable and accessible way. This track explores Open GLAM today and discusses how communities active within the open movement can inspire and inform mindful, high-quality, and sustainable open access to cultural heritage.

The Summit will take place 14-16 May 2020, in Lisbon, Portugal. More information here: https://summit.creativecommons.org/

See you in Lisbon!
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