eu. Eles colocaram  meu nome. Mas o Andre e o Lije também tem acesso a OTRS e podiam pedir acesso.
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Temos alguém activo no OTRS?


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Assunto: [Wiki Loves Monuments] Wiki Loves Monuments info and OTRS
Data: Sun, 15 May 2011 13:03:25 +0200
De: Maarten Dammers <>
Responder-Para: Wiki Loves Monuments Photograph Competition

Hi everyone,

We set up emailaddresses and OTRS queues for Wiki Loves Monuments. These
addresses can be used to put on our websites so that people can easily
get in touch with us. is the main emailaddress, it will end up in
the "wlm" queue. We created a batch of country specific subqueues: -> wlm::wlm-ad -> wlm::wlm-at -> wlm::wlm-be -> wlm::wlm-ch -> wlm::wlm-de -> wlm::wlm-dk -> wlm::wlm-es -> wlm::wlm-et -> wlm::wlm-fi -> wlm::wlm-fr -> wlm::wlm-nl -> wlm::wlm-pl -> wlm::wlm-pt -> wlm::wlm-se

It's possible to have email to info@<your domain> end up in your otrs
queue. For example ends up in the wlm::wlm-nl
queue. If you want that (beware, technical!) you need to add "MX"
(email) records to your wikilovesmonuments domain:  3600    IN      MX      40  3600    IN      MX      10

When you did that ask Raymond to set up the OTRS part.

We went through the OTRS user list and added users we recognized as
being active for the Wiki Loves Monuments project. People who have
access to the OTRS wiki can see the list at
. If you do have access to OTRS, but you're not on this list: Contact
Raymond, he can add you to the queue. Sorry if we forgot you, the
userlist is really looooooong ;-)


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