Congratulations to Sushant & Gujarati Wikimedians! this is an amazing work!

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Please see the below email from Sushant Savla.

Congratulations to Sushant and other Gujarati Wikimedians for their efforts in achieving this milestone!!


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Dear Vishnu,

this is in continuation to our telecon regarding i am not able to get my name registered in Wikimedia India list hence writing this email to you.

Gujarati Wikisource has achieved yet another milestone on its second birthday (29.03.2014) completed uploading full 50 books which has come in public domain.

The collection of these 50 books includes well known Gujarati literary creations in the form of Autobiography, Novels, Plays, Collection of Poems, Essays, Moral Stories etc. This includes works of prominent writers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Zaverchand Meghani, Kavi Nhanalal, Surasinhji Gohil, Educationist Gijubhai Badheka, Kavi Dalapatram, Ramanlal Nilkanth etc.

This feat was achieved in 2 years time.

As OCR is not available, volunteers of Gujarati wiki Community have typed this books. The community proceeds in a planned manner. A book is selected and its announcement is made at common platform on source. Volunteer interested joins the project. Chapters are distributed among the particants and proof reading is done. Once completed, another book is undertaken.

Kindly inform this on Indian Community List



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