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The 36th Bangalore Wiki Meetup was organized on 14 Aug 2011 at CIS, Bengaluru and attended by 8 Wikipedians.




Shiju was formally greeted by the Bangalore community for being appointed as a consultant by the foundation for Indic initiatives. He shared his experience in Wikimania-2011, Hafia, Israel, how he interacted with the attendees over there, the motivation and interest and also the growth perspectives which could also be part of his initiatives in the coming days. He spoke about the discussions held over.



Hisham has explained about the tidbits of the Pune pilot program to the Bangalore community, the details of the outreach movement and its outcome. He also explained about the mobo initiatives of the foundation to make Wikipedia available for handheld mobile devices. Indic initiatives would be one of the other prime focus of the foundation in terms of facilitating the growth of Indian Wikipedias. Wikipedias of The Netherlands and Germany might be used as a helping entity where the substantial growth and the strategy lying therein would also help program new plans for Indian as well as English Wikipedia in India. He also spoke about GLAM, successful initiatives in several museums in the UK and how the same strategies could be applied here to guide people to contribute more for Wikipedia. Hisham also talked about distribution of  90,000 laptops in Government schools in Assam and helping the students use and contribute for Wikipedia. He showed the glimpse of Pune programs, how Nikhil from the Pune community visited school to school to bring out an active mass for the pilot program. He also mentioned the statistics of the Pune how 20 Campus ambassadors with the guidance of 100 teachers brought out thousands of articles.



Hisham introduced Nitika to the Bangalore community. She then was greeted by the community and talked briefly about her new position, the motivation and participation and interests.



Srikanth R.

Srikanth spoke about the geo-tagging in commons, explained how it would help to locate places in off and in-Wiki, demonstrated photo upload in Commons and spoke about the benefits of uploading high quality photos in Commons with the commercial tags attached by the photographer as most photographers about their photos uploaded in Commons can never be sold by them.


EC president Arjuna interacted about the chapter and its coordination with the community where Arun had interaction with the other members.

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