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+1. I believe me, @planemad and GerardM talked about something very
similar over Lunch around WCI.

Language is a critical component in Wikipedia. Wikipedia is also hosts volunteer generated content. Now a government can say use these words instead of these, but that doesnt mean community members need to follow it. Community needs to try and take a stand on it through concensus, since it impacts MoS etc. But if the community is divided, then there has to be mutual respect among contributors on what they use. One cant force new generation folks to use the older vocabulary, older generation folks to use new vocabulary just because a govt(which is very transient and limited geographically where as language is universal) says so.

Of course certain things like search etc will get impacted but then once the semantic web comes out, they will get ironed out. Technology has to do a big catch up with people for a change.