As you doubt Gerard, though the month names are same or similar in different languages/cultures/calendars, months not always start and end at the same time. Mainly in soouthern calendars, including the Gujarati and Maharashtrian ones, months end on the New Moon day, while in Northern calendars, months end on the Full moon day. This difference really make months different, and thus many festivals though celebrated on the same day throughout India, are actually marked in different months on religious calendars.

E.g. Janmashtami is Shravan Vad (or Krishna paksh) ashtami in Gujarati calendar, but in northern calendars, it is Bhadrapad krishnapaksh Ashtami.

Also, Kartik or Kartak is the first month of year, while in other calendars, maharashtra and northern, Chaitra is the first month of year.


On 15 Jan 2014 08:57, "Gerard Meijssen" <> wrote:
I blogged about calendars. The problem I face is that I am adding statements to the calendars in use in India.. I have worked on the Nepali and the Bengali calendar and, I find that in the English Wikipedia some months are merged into one article.

What I want to know is if these months exactly are at the same time or not. Many calendars have special days. It would make sense to have an item for them as well. I assume that many of the Indian Wikipedias have articles for such events. It will help when they are known to be part of a specific calendar..

Are there people who can help me with this ?

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