If you think the Chapter has not abided by the law of the land, you are free to take the matter up with the Registrar of Socieities. By just raising the issue on this list again and again, you are merely engaging in theatrics, which is to no benefit of members. 

You can write to the Registrar of Societies who will then investigate the matter and can close the Inquiry, once and for all, as Sudhanwa had earlier suggested. If you do not intend to do that and only wish to provoke answers from the EC, they are well within their rights to not divulge this information on a public fora.

Warm regards,

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On 04-Oct-2014, at 16:31, Srikanth Ramakrishnan <> wrote:

Again. Your understanding of both the Indian legislative system and the current scenario amuses me.
Smriti Irani is a minister because she is a Member of the Rajya Sabha. Aka Member of Parliament.

In the current case, when Nikita never renewed her membership on time, she ceases to be a member of the chapter and thus is ineligible to hold the post of an EC member.

On 04-Oct-2014 3:14 pm, "Vikram Vincent" <> wrote:
On 4 October 2014 10:42, Abhilash S Unni <> wrote:
And with all respect to Vincent Vikram, the logic what you are saying would also mean that Ms. Jayalalithaa can continue as Tamil Nadu CM irrespective of her ceasing to be an MLA....!!!

Please give the complete example if you are trying to use an analogy.  She was disqualified and lost CM post due to the conviction and not because she simply ceased to be an MLA.  I believe that an MLC can also be CM, K Rosaiah the present CM of Andhra Pradesh being an MLC.They should only enjoy the support of the majority.

My understanding uses the following examples:

First, holding the post of PM of India
" be a member of the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha. If the person chosen as the prime minister is neither a member of the Lok Sabha nor the Rajya Sabha at the time of selection, he must become a member of either of the houses within six months."

Second, our current MHRD, Ms Smriti Irani lost the MP elections from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh but was still appointed to the post.

So yes, the logic is simple. The EC member held the primary membership and this lapsed due to some reason. And the membership was then renewed.  I believe that the EC can take a decision to ratify the membership and amend the rules as well.

Hope this solves the dilemma. Now can we get back to work?

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