This may be really targetting en wiki. May not be real threat either, but worth keeping an eye on. Any language wikis that faces too much of a trouble that is going out of hand can come in #wikimedia-stewards IRC channel to request fro help from Global sysops or stewards.

I am the first customer of

woods are lovely dark and deep,
but i have promises to keep and
miles to go before i sleep and
lines to go before I press sleep

completion date = (start date + ((estimated effort x 3.1415926) / resources) + ((total coffee breaks x 0.25) / 24)) + Effort in meetings

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From: Marco Chiesa <>
Date: Mon, May 3, 2010 at 7:00 AM
Subject: [Foundation-l] Vandalize wikipedia day on facebook
To: Wikimedia Foundation Mailing List <>

 a friend of mine just pointed out this event on facebook, a
vandalize wikipedia day
I'm not sure if WMF is aware, or if there is the possibility to close
the page.


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