Thanks Gautam ,
Would it be a good idea to record the Agenda & MoM of the EC meetings ( & hopefully previous ones, if there are ) ? That may possibly help the community to be in sync with what the chapter is thinking & planning.. and important decisions that are taken. Thoughts ?

Not sure, whether there is a possibility of an annual meeting within this financial year as articulated by MoA. 

One person raised a question to me privately, I thought it might be good to ask here, that whether the current term of office bearers like President etc and EC members starts from the date of approval of the chapter or registration date of the chapter in India ? 

Last year 2010, Arunram & Hari Nadig represented India at the Chapter committees in Berlin , as chapter to be. It will be a proud moment as we are representing us as an official chapter for the first time, this year. Was wondering if the community has some expectations on this. Thoughts?

Congrats and best wishes to Anirudh who is representing India at Frankfurt, Germany on the movement roles Project 

As we wait for the announcements of Wikimedia Foundation office in India & National Program Director, I believe 2011 will be a great year for the Wikimedia India movement. 

Tinu Cherian

On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 9:26 AM, Gautam John <> wrote:
Thank you, Tinu.

Praveen, we probably have been less than ideal in our communication
and we still trying to find our feet here. Suggestions are welcome,

As for membership, as soon as we have our bank account which should
happen in four weeks or so.



On 30 January 2011 07:57, CherianTinu Abraham <> wrote:
> Changed the subject line again.. ( Subject deviation again :) )
> Hi Praveen,
> May I ask , what is not really clear about the chapter ? Wikimedia India
> chapter is registered now as a legal entity in India [1] in Jan 2010 ; there
> is an Executive committee with 7 members , the office bearers are [2] Arun
> Ramarathnam,  President ; BalaSundaraRaman Lakshmanan, Secretary ; Arjuna
> Rao Chavala, Treasurer etc
> May be it is time for the chapter to open up the membership to the
> community?
> or even making the agenda & meeting minutes of the Wikimedia India chapter
> EC available to all like the Wikimedia Foundation Board [3] ( so that these
> confusions to "common Wikimedians" can be avoided) ?
> If there are still any misunderstandings/unclear things, the EC members must
> be happy to answer them.
> I'm all excited to see the Wikimedia India chapter getting more active and
> the chapter & community working closely in the coming days.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> Regards
> Tinu Cherian
> N.B. I am not speaking on behalf of the chapter , neither am I a EC
> member/ordinary member. My understandings are based on various threads on
> the mailing lists.
> On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 1:40 AM, praveenp <> wrote:
>> I like that "incidental fallout" phrase. ;-) I can now understand why
>> chapter and none of its activities are clear to common wikimedian. :)
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