That is the idea... ! Once it is stable, and the primary developer agrees, we will release this on an appropriate open source license. 

Thanks for all the feedback & suggestions... Will definitely pass them to the development team....


On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 9:44 PM, praveenp <> wrote:
Like the work, probably except that tiny all rights reserved part. ;-)

i hope developers will add some features to go directly to required
site+lang+im without using select options (using query strings or
something like ?project=wp&lang=ml&im=tr). Just thinking loud because
i have seen in similar cases that a user always wanted direct focus on
input field for searching.

On 23/02/2012, Tinu Cherian <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Greetings from Wikimedia India !!!
> We are proud to announce live search for the Wikimedia projects
> The site was developed by Shrey Gokani under guidance of Wikimedia India
> Chapter.
> We want to thank Shrey Gokani for volunteering to do this project and
> making this a reality.
> We also want to thank Santhosh Thottingal and Junaid P V for the
> contributions for this project.
> Special thanks to Naveen Francis for leading this initiative.
> How to use ?
> * Select your Wikimedia Project, say “Wikipedia”
> * Select language of the project to search,  say “English”
> * Input your search string in the Search: Box
> * The site auto displays possible pages based on the string match.
> * The site is also integrated with Narayam to support Indic language
> search. So select the corresponding input method ( if available) while
> searching on a Indic Project.
> This is still a beta version and further improvements are needed.
> As of now, it supports only English and Indic Language projects.
> For further queries, reporting bugs and suggestions, please contact us :-
> Thanks,
> Tinu Cherian.
> Wikimedia India

With love
Praveen <>:talk<>

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