My experience is exactly opposite. I know so many school students (not post-doc) who are contributing to wikipedia in a very big way. I have given demo to some school children and they have grasped the syntaxes very easily.
It is not the education, but the willingness to contribute and share knowledge matters in Wikipedia type of projects.
Personally I feel Media wiki use simple wiki syntaxes (I am not talking about the comples templates) and anyone who has genuine interest can easily learn it.
Shiju Alex

On 3/11/08, Ravi shankar <> wrote:
Leaving aside the wikiquette and formailities, the mediawiki software itself makes it tough for newcomers. Even one Post-Doc friend of mine could not figure out the simplest wiki syntax! People are more comfortable with WYSWYG editors. I had been watching wikipedia for last 3 years. MediaWiki has hardly shown any improvement in usability and interface. It's time more developers put in more effort in improving ease of using media wiki. Other free software around the same time frame have improved dramatically.



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