Dear all,
I am extremely delighted to announce India's first (?) GLAM collaboration with a State institution in New Delhi, the capital of India. The National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum (NHHM), New Delhi has approved our draft and we will soon begin a 6 month pilot project with them.
I have been corresponding with their director for over 2 months now, since the GLAMcamp in Amsterdam. After a series of conversations with the Director, Dr Ruchira Ghose, I sent in an approval and after two meetings, she sent in a revised proposal to the Ministry of Culture in India. Just two days ago, the Ministry approved this project and has also provided her a small grant to support our incidental expenses. NHHM has over 30,000 objects including pottery, textiles, metal work, paintings and more.

Note: Good Articles here doesn't mean GA by en-WP standards. We intend to create at least 25 articles with substantial information. Would like your inputs on this. 

I apologize for this really long mail but, my next meeting with the Director is on the 14th of February when we will start our 'lead-up' program to the project. 
To all the WiRs: Did you make some sort of a program schedule or a timeline that I could use? 

I would love all your suggestions on this project and am *very* excited to make my own share of GLAM contributions and mistakes :) Of course, now we will also start contributing to TGIM. 


Noopur Raval
Arts and Aesthetics
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Ph: 9650567690