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Hi all,

I have gone through the nomination page and questions asked to the candidates. My choice would be Nataliia Tymkiv and Kunal Mehta.
Other candidates, except few, are also active Wikipedians in their way and if I had another option, I would preferred Osmar Valdebenito.



Satdeep and Sudhanwa preferred Siska Doviana. With all due respect, personally I am not fond of those Wikimedians who are not/less active on-wiki and still are/were EC members of different Wikimedia chapters. I know, that global edit-count is not the best indicator for Wikimedia involvement, but on-wiki involvement helps Wikimedians know the dynamics of the community, realize common community problems by heart and look for solution collaboratively. To me, if you are an EC member, then you have more reason to edit on-wiki (not only meta), because that only makes you build the bond with community members.

On-wiki activities and off-wiki activities are a completely different ball game. Connect to the community is also different in both. A great editor may not be good in compliance like filling up various forms, sending all kinds of bills/documents to the organisation (WMIN or WMF etc etc) There you require a off-wiki person who can do followup to get all the documents, interact with various organisations/agencies/consultants etc. Deciding on various grants, giving infrastructure support to editors is an off-wiki activity too.  Running an organisation is completely different than editing wikipedia.

And of course your opinions are respected. WMIN will have its own opinion on various issues.


In this context, I will NOT recommend WMIN to support Siska Doviana from WMID, who has only around 3,300 global edits!!.
I also do not support her initiative, stated in her nomination talk page, about providing huge amount of money to winners of content competition. To me, its a way to trigger dangerous practice in wiki world.


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