Welcome to the Wikimedia community, Japleen. And thank you for your valuable contribution to the movement. There are a few other English, Hindi and Punjabi Wikimedians that live in Delhi. You might want to subscribe to the Delhi list here (https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/wikimedia-in-del). There is also a gender gap list which is quite relevant to the work you do


On Oct 3, 2018, at 3:58 PM, Japleen Pasricha <japleenpasricha@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello everyone, 

I have been a member of this mailing list for some time now and I think it's time I properly introduce myself :)

Hi, my name is Japleen and I'm a feminist activist and entrepreneur based in New Delhi, India. I run an online feminist media platform called Feminism In India. Apart from publishing an online feminist magazine, running campaigns etc, we also organise monthly Wikipedia Editathons. 

One of our vision and mission is to increase the representation of Indian women on the internet and we achieve that by writing on our website but also editing Wikipedia. 

I started editing Wikipedia in 2014, but was not regular. In 2016, I attended some editathons and initiated the FII Wiki Project. Now, since October 2016 we organise one Wikipedia editathon every month to write about women, trans and non-binary people. 

FII Wiki Project has partnered with CIS A2K and Punjabi Wikimedians in the past. We choose a topic every month and try to partner with a group/org who has subject expertise in it. For example, in September we partnered with Asia Safe Abortion Partnership and organised an editathon to edit abortion related pages of India and Asia Pacific.  

I'm still new to the whole Wikimedia ecosystem and learning each day. Currently, I personally contribute to the English Wikipedia, Commons and Wikiquote. 

Although each of our editathon is documented on the FII website, I have recently also started documenting on Meta and the P&E dashboard. This is the meta page of FII Wiki Project. It is still incomplete so all suggestions are welcome!

I'm specifically writing to connect with women Wikimedians in India and Wikimedians who are based in Delhi-NCR. At FII, we are still trying to form a community and even after organising editathons for 2 years, we don't see a lot of repeat attendees. So, it will be nice to meet some Wikimedians in Delhi-NCR. 

I'd also love to co-organise editathons with other language groups as long as we can focus on gender. Please feel free to get in touch with me personally at japleen@feminisminindia.com

I'd happy to answer questions anyone may have about what we do. 


Japleen Pasricha
Feminist Activist
Founder & Editor-in-chief of Feminism in India

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