With due respect to the videographer and his intentions, but then what is that video about?
What is so great about the video to become video of the day? It shows some people moving around across some pavilions, some dirty roads and stray dogs.

Are there any guidelines for a good video. Rather for any file uploaded on commons. Can it show any association to the article where it is used? I am seriously curious about the whole thing. Unfortunately, people do not like any questions on such matters. Similar questions were/are applicable to various photo contests too.


2016-10-14 20:27 GMT+05:30 Kalyan Sarkar <kalyan@wikimedia.in>:

আমি এই মাত্র লক্ষ করলাম যে বিশ্বরূপদার ২০১৬ কলকাতা পুস্তকমেলার ভিডিওটি আজকের দিনের মিডিয়া হিসেবে নির্বাচিত হয়েছে!

বিশ্বরূপদাকে অভিনন্দন জানাই! আমরা বিশ্বরূপদার জন্য গর্বিত।

কল্যাণ সরকার 


I just noticed that Biswarup da's video of 2016 Kolkata Book Fair has been chosen as the media of the day!

Congratulations to Biswarup da! We are proud of you!

Thanks and regards,
Kalyan Sarkar

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