Dear all,

I would be sending details and links to projects that the current indic language enthusiasts and linguists are working on from Telugu world, one at a time.

This project called Indicpdf tries to have a lossless pdf conversion.

Currently working for Telugu, Kannada and Devanagari as a service, it can work with any indian language script provided the font is available.
The developer is looking for some support for his project. If the Government recognises his work, he would be releasing it to public under a free licnse.

With thanks & regards
Rahimanuddin Shaik

ఒక విశ్వాన్ని ఊహించండి, ఎక్కడయితే ప్రతి మనిషి ఒక సంపూర్ణ విజ్ఞానభాండారాన్ని అందరితో పంచుకోగలడో, ఆ విశ్వాన్ని ఊహించండి. అటువంటి విశ్వాన్ని నెలకొల్పడమే మా సంకల్పం.  
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