How will it hurt WP most than FB or TWIT?


On 7 December 2011 16:04, Srikanth Ramakrishnan <> wrote:
This is basically restriction of freedom of expression and it will
hurt Wikipedia much more than it hurts Twitter or Facebook.

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> I just want to write that there was a community member who seemed to be of
> the notion ImageFilter is the technical fix for what Kapil Sibal is
> proposing(without probably understanding / knowing much) and connecting the
> two distinct things. Yes Sibal showed some images as examples for his
> support, but what Sibal means is much more and prescreening of every byte
> of user generated content. Please tell that member that linking up 2
> different things is not a good idea. ImageFilter needs to be discussed with
> its own merits / demerits and this thing that Sibal proposes means much
> more than images.
> If at all the legislation comes and is being enforced, I think Wikimedia
> projects are better equipped *technically* than other social media sites
> cited to support the local laws(so that we need not be banned if that goes
> to that extreme) with a combination of ImageFilter / FlaggedRevisions and
> some more customizations, but thats not where we would like to go.
> Community is already not so strong and needs support, there is so much work
> to do in increasing content, censorship will cripple Indian community if
> such a thing happens.
> There are many questions that the communities need to decide as to submit
> to Indian laws (if at all they come through) and I hope the situation does
> not arise for us to take those tough calls.
> PS : I would not like to post / join foundation-l myself since it has high
> --
> Regards
> Srikanth.L

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