Excellent news. Congrats Satdeep.

Thanks Anne for the heads up.

Tito Dutta
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On 12 October 2017 at 00:11, Anne Gomez <agomez@wikimedia.org> wrote:

My name is Anne Gomez, and I'm a senior program manager at the Wikimedia Foundation working on the New Readers program. We're working to bring more readers to Wikipedia, primarily in India, Nigeria, and Mexico. Learn more about the program on meta: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/New_Readers 

I'm excited to announce that Satdeep Gill will be joining the team as our Community Outreach Coordinator for India. We know that it's critical to partner with you on our projects and support yours. Satdeep will work closely with the New Readers team, including Ravi Ayyakkannu, to make sure that you are informed of what we're working on and how we can work together.

Satdeep has been in the Wikimedia world for a long time and in many roles, starting with editing Wikipedia in 2009. He is a key member of the Punjabi community and served as the program leader for the WikiConference India. Most recently, he was working as a Strategy Coordinator for the Wikimedia movement strategy to facilitate discussion with Hindi Wikimedians.

If you have any questions about New Readers, please reach out to me, Satdeep, or Ravi. We're excited to work with you :D


Anne Gomez // Senior Program Manager, New Readers

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