Tito, Just some comments from experience but not directly related to your request. I have scanned a fairly large number of documents (mostly thin brochures in which the staples could be removed) using a low-cost flatbed scanner. The one I use is in the Canon LIDE series - these use LEDs and work off USB power (no additional powercord). They are quite inexpensive (around Rs 3000) but slow (like all flatbed scanners). It is useful if you are doing high resolution scans of images. If your focus is more on text - and it readability or OCR-ability  - then a digital camera based rig works much more efficiently. Lots of sites on DIY book-scanners (and you can probably get Viswaprabha to demo you Scantailor). For library research purpose copying I routinely use a small pocket digital camera and it does a perfectly good job. Most librarians I have met have been ok with their use. 

best wishes

On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 2:29 PM, Tito Dutta <trulytito@gmail.com> wrote:
For a year or more I have been looking for an individual grant to buy a simple image scanner.
My most recent application was at Ta Wikipedia

From that application:, I need a scanner regularly, so I would not be able to do all works in a particular period (for example, someone says, "take a scanner for two weeks and return after that)

Can anyone give me oive me one?

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