Hello everyone, 

The Board of Trustees is preparing a Call for Feedback about the upcoming Board Elections, from 7 January - 10 February 2022

While the details will be finalized the week before the call, we have confirmed at least two questions that will be asked: 

While additional questions may be added, the Movement Strategy and Governance team wants to provide time for community members and affiliates to consider and prepare ideas on the confirmed questions before the call opens. 

We apologize for not having a complete list of questions at this time. The list of questions should only grow by one or two questions. 

The intention is to not overwhelm the community with requests, but provide notice and welcome feedback on these important questions.

Do you want to help organize local conversation during this call?

Contact the Movement Strategy and Governance team on Meta, on Telegram, or via email at msg@wikimedia.org.

Kindly reach out if you have any questions or concerns. The Movement Strategy and Governance team will be minimally staffed until 3rd January. Please excuse any delayed response during this time. 

We also recognize that some community members and affiliates are offline during the December holidays. We apologize if our message has reached you while you are on holiday.


Chitraparna Sinha (Meta)

Facilitator, Movement Strategy and Governance, SAARC, Wikimedia Foundation