Dear Ansuman and Wikimedians,

Thanks for engaging with our plans. We have replied to some and in the process of replying to some more of your questions on Meta here [0] and it will be good to continue the discussions there. Some replies to questions not raised on Meta.

On Tuesday 15 April 2014 12:07 PM, ansuman wrote:
It also claims that it works with WMIN here [2], but has anyone from WMIN involved in making the corresponding plans/proposals?

We had invited WMIN EC to share their inputs and feedback on the plans on March 22, 2014. It would have been nice to have shared these a bit more early (after knowing how stretched the EC members are), however, it took more time than anticipated in putting up the plans.

Here[3] it's written, "Based on the protocol agreed upon by the WMIN, CIS-A2K will in consultation with WMIN continue to support and serve the Wikimedia communities in India." 
What protocol? How come it's not been out yet? CISA2K needs support from WMIN and Communities in India.

During the first meeting with the WMIN Chapter EC, held on February 24, 2013, we had mutually agreed upon certain protocols of working together. Detailed minutes of this meeting are available here [1]. CIS-A2K has mostly adhered to these protocols. There were some unintentional lapses in communication, which were raised by the EC during our recent meeting in February 2014. During this meeting we have also discussed how the complementarity between us could be further improved.

At least here in this sentence, CISA2K should write that it will collaborate with WMIN and work with Wikimedia communities in India!!

About collaborating with WMIN... We have extended help to WMIN whenever asked for and the Executive Committee (EC) of WMIN has been generous to give us inputs and feedback on our plans and activities since September 2012, when the WMF gave a grant. During the last 18 months we reached out to the WMIN EC periodically [2] and had consulted the EC before executing key activities and extending significant support to volunteers and communities in India. We also collaborated with the WMIN and in organizing events like the Creative Commons India re-launch. CIS will continue to engage and collaborate with the WMIN. For the coming year we specifically propose to more actively work with WMIN in the following activities.
* One out of the 7 Language Area Plans which would be Bangla.
* In extending general support and service to the movement in India.
* Med GLAM Project
* Gujarati Wikisource Project
* Wiki Loves Public Arts, India
[2] For instance, (based on a quick look at my Sent folder) after I took over as the Director of CIS-A2K in February 2013 I have written to them 62 times.