Dear Wikimedia India Executive Committee members,

Greetings from CIS-A2K! Congratulations on your election and induction as Executive Committee members. As has been rightly pointed out by fellow Indic Wikimedians, the EC this year represents a healthy mixture of the old guard as well as the new. CIS-A2K believes that this internal balance is key to ensuring that the Wikipedia movement in India grows exponentially while staying relevant to the times. CIS-A2K is glad to note the varied experiences of the EC members in background and expertise both on and off wiki. We believe that such a mix is essential to implementing a variety of ideas in the Indian context. CIS-A2K welcomes the EC members to take active part in all our events and activities. We would also like to reiterate our keen interest and commitment to continue working with Wikimedia India and enable the growth of the free knowledge movement in India.

Best wishes,
Team CIS-A2K