Dear all,

It's with a heavy heart that I would like to announce my resignation from as the President and Executive Committee of the Wikimedia India Chapter with immediate effect. With this, my respect for all of your contributions to the Movement has only increased, knowing about all the sweat and blood that goes into the creation of the community that defines the Movement as we know it, today.

The reasons for my silence on the public list are for the same reasons that I am quitting today. They are personal. As a Person grows, the responsibility also grows and a point comes where the personal becomes more important than the public.

I've had a hard time balancing work, life and my interests. In the balancing act, it is my family that has missed out the most, especially now that I have become a father of a 3 month old girl. The demands on me have grown and I find that I can no longer contribute usefully to the Movement or that someone else can do more justice to the role.

I thank you all for your love, help and support. I hope to keep contributing to the Movement when I can.

Moksh Juneja
Wikimedia India