Hello Wikimedians,

We are very happy to announce that the Wiki Loves Monuments 2020 in India is starting from tomorrow and will continue for the entire month of September.

As this year, we are facing devastating effects of COVID-19,  we urge you to stay inside your home to avoid exposure to the deadly virus. You do not have to go outside of your safe zone to photograph monuments. We are completely okay if you can upload old photographs taken by you. Please be safe first!

We are also expecting lesser participation than previous years due to the restriction of movement due to the pandemic. So, to increase awareness about the competition, we have created a promotional video at the last moment (special thanks to Ananya and Rahul) and boosted it on Facebook. Thanks to CIS-A2K for sponsoring the promotion part.
You can find the video on Commons here - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2020_in_India_(Promotional_video).webm
and on Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1616065545227639

Regarding the list of monuments, it will grow even during the competition as the data entry is a continuous work for us throughout the year. We heartily welcome Wikimedians from different parts of the country to work on monuments protected by different local agencies and inform us in the event talk page. We will find ways together to include them in the master list.

Just like previous years, we again promising to wrap up everything within the expected timeline after the competition ends and we are going to keep our promise again. :-)

Welcome you all in the competition,

(On behalf of WLM India organizing team)