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1. Till the Britsh Raj, Brahmins kept a large part of Indian society out of bounds from knowledge which was in Sanskrit. They had provisions to pour molten lead into the ears of non-brahmins (including all women) who even heard a word of sanskrit. knowledge contained in that language is now available in English and Sanskrit only symbolises tyranny. Do we need Wikipedia in Sanskrit with the support of govt funding?

Please keep your views on caste and Indian society to yourself. Its irrelevant in this list. Need for Sanskrit wikipedia -> Yes, there is a need for it like the need for Wikipedia in any other language. The news article on ToI regarding govt funding is very vague and none of us (most and the vocal ones) here have no clue about it(It was discussed in length in other thread [1]), so lets not comment about it without knowing any fact.

2. Why cannt we have a wikepedia in Pali as well, the language which was used by Budha and which can give us an alternate view on life to that of vedic view?

There is one already http://pi.wikipedia.org. You are free to contribute to it(in a way that helps). Contrary to what you think,Wikipedia in Sanskrit is not a representation of vedic view, its an encyclopedia written in Sanskrit.(That said i cant vouch for the contents since i dont know sanskrit). I thought you need some understanding on Wikipedia's editing policies, seems a good reading of what wikipedia is and what its not [2] is also required to enhance your understanding on the same. I can still help you making you understand if you are ready to hear without any prejudices / pre-conceived notions after reading the same.

[1] http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimediaindia-l/2011-February/002398.html
[2] http://enwp.org/WP:NOT

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