I have been following up on news regarding him, but I didn't know he has covid now.. 

I hope he recovers quickly.. & will pray for him.

On Sun, May 9, 2021, 1:36 AM praveenp <me.praveen@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Indian Wikimedians,

As many of you may have known, one of our fellow Wikimedian was arrested by Uttar Pradesh Police in October 2020. His name is Siddique Kappan (His wikimedia username is User:Sidheeq). He is from Kerala, and he was active in Wikimedia projects (mainly in Malayalam Wikipedia) until his arrest.

Incidently he is a journalist and he was arrested from the home of Hathras rape and murder victim while reporting the victim Dalit girl's family members. UP Police has slapped Sedition, Terrorism as well as UAPA charges against him.

Kappen is diabetic and now COVID positive. He was admitted to hospital only after he collapsed in the jail cell. With his deteriorating health, it was accused that Kappan was chained to hospital bed like an animal. Today's news reports say that he is in critical condition. (You could always google "Siddique Kappan")

As a tone deaf people I don't expect anything from this mail, I just wish to share the information.

Stay Inside, Stay Complementary (non-critical), Stay safe, Stay healthy.



Siddique's en.wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Sidheeq
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