Hi Asaf, Ravi, All,

Please see below replies received from Muzammil on queries raised by you. I did not notice that Muzammil is part of CIS. It looks like the Urdu content generation is a task carried out by CIS A2K program under wikimedia grant.

Do you (WMF) have any specific budget for such tasks? Gujarati wiki community will love to get paid for content generation.


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Date: 25 Apr 2014 10:09
Subject: Re: [Wikipedia-gu] Urdu Wikipedia crosses the 50,000 mark
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Dear  Vyas,

Good News Muzammil,

But I have seen questions raised for you regarding this number. People have found out that till mid February there were only around 27 thousand pages, how did Urdu wikipedia reach 50,000 mark in 2 months?

I will have to examine the extent of bot activity. However, a high level of bot activity was also seen on Hindi Wikipedia in the past.

Someone also found that most of the recent activity is due to Bot operation and 90% of pages are less than 20kb in size, which means they are nearly substubs.

I would rate most as "stubs". But even these can be forerunners for good articles of the future.