Great idea..

Wat abt making it for all indic language? 

On Mar 1, 2012 8:58 PM, "Nitika" <> wrote:
Hi Folks,

I was thinking of experimenting conducting online outreach.  I want to try out if we can do an effective outreach event using a google+ (video) hangout.  Virtual outreach has a number of advantages:

* No investment of time/effort/cost in travel
* Personal attention to each participant (because of individual video/screenshare facilities.)
* No complications of no laptops available at the venue or a limit on creating user names from a single IP address during the event
* Lower dependency on institutions/college fests to organize an event for us.
* Not limited by physical presence. Sitting in Kanyakumari,  one can conduct outreach for interested folks in Kashmir!

This is just a trial to test if online outreach is effective, doable and manageable. This could be one of the ways forward!  (Potentially, we could have more community members doing more events with a more diverse audience.)

I'm really excited.  Fingers crossed!


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