October 2013 stats for Tamil Wikipedia is out. We have crossed many milestones in one jump coinciding with our Tenth Anniversary Celebrations!

* 1017 Total contributors . We have crossed the 1000 milestone after Malayalam Wikipedia. Next in line is Hindi Wikipedia with 988 total contributors.

* 118 active editors who edit 5 times a month. Highest in ten years and the first time we crossed 100.

* 27 new editors joined this month. This is the second highest enrollment in ten years after the 2010 June state wide essay contest time.

* 25 very active editors who edit 100 times a month. Highest in ten years.

* We went from 1 to  2 contributors for every one million Tamil speaking population now.

* Registered 8.5m million page views. That is 2,83,000 per day. Highest in ten years.

We hope to sustain this activity through various initiatives.




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