I am looking for people who are willing to spend 2 hours adding labels to wikidata in the languages of India and, in their own language. For several languages it will be possible to add 1% more labels in that time.

Typically every Wikipedia article has a link to Wikidata. What I want to learn is if you find it easy to have Wikidata work for you in YOUR language. 

When you go to a Wikidata item, you will find that both "properties" and "qualifiers" may show up as numbers. They need a label in your language. Once a label has been added, it will be available everywhere. 

What I like to know is if you recognise that this is happening. 

Once you have added all the labels for one "item" or article, have a look at what Wikidata knows about an article about a similar subject.

Have a look at what is in the news [1] change the "en" into the language code for your language. Please add some labels ... What I am particularly interested in is, if there are sequences where the labels can be automatically added. (for instance numbers representing years). 

Wikidata is used by the Tamil Wikipedia to extend search. I know that for some people this works well while for others it does not. This is a bug that is being looked after.

With one percent more labels that are related to the information that exists and to what is in the news, Wikidata will provide better information. 

When these labels refer to horse [2] or any other subject that has a category in Commons, you will be able to find pictures by searching in YOUR language.

Please let me/us know if and how this works for you. We want to learn how we can get to the tipping point where Wikidata is actually useful [3]. We want to learn what is needed to make Wikidata useful for you.

[1] http://tools.wmflabs.org/wikidata-todo/cloudy_concept.php?q=4597488&lang=en
[2] https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q726
[3] http://ultimategerardm.blogspot.nl/2013/12/wikidata-how-to-reach-its-tipping-points.html

PS if you add the #babel template on your user page, Wikidata itself will become easier for you to use.