Hi Vishnu,

Thanks for identifying the resource person and providing the rationale for inviting him.

Hoi Gerard,

When I was discussing about a fundamental issue of WMF intervention in India spoiling community dynamics, you came out of nowhere and questioned my bias.

Then you went on giving sermons about the need for Wikidata marathon program which is completely off-topic.

Then, isn't it only appropriate I question what is your bias :) Why should not I think that you are lobbying for CIS?

As a fellow Wikimedia volunteer, I appreciate your commitment and passion for the work you do in projects like TranslateWiki and Wiki Data.

I will be glad to welcome you to India if your travel program is assisted by Individual engagement grant or a travel and participation grant straight from WMF.

But, when an unusually high amount is spent on a resource person through CIS-A2K, I can't help point out the double standards followed for similar programs planned by WMIN.

Please check


a similar pan India outreach program done by two volunteers for roughly 13% of this whole Wiki Data Marathon program.