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As moderators of WikimediaIndia-l, could you describe the policy you
normally adopt towards moderation?

Thank you for the email.  You can review the Wikimedia mailing lists administration page for information about the role of list admins and mods.  Here is a link which you can review: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Mailing_lists/Administration

Do you only block obvious spam or other messages, and if so on what basis?

The spam filter on default catches spam and other bulky messages (including ones that have image(s) embedded in them.)  I think Delphine's email contains a nice explanation.

List mods can moderate trolls and other problem users who willfully cause or contribute to disruption on the mailing list.

I am naturally curious since a message from Praveen that you only just
released seems to have been sent in 3 days ago. 

Furthermore, I think we'd benefit from understanding how people may
apply to become administrators on this list.

I understand the source of curiosity and would like to clarify that Praveen's email was caught in the filter because it had an image embedded in it.

In light of Anirudh's recent appointment to administrator of this list,
is there an open process by which other members might apply?
(Foundation-l seems to have three administrators, though I would imagine
that there is nothing stopping WikimediaIndia-l from having more than

There is no formal process for "appointment" of list administrators.  The usual practice on Wikimedia lists is for the founder of a mailing list to appoint admins and mods whom s/he can trust with keeping the lists running as smoothly as possible.

At this point of time, we don't feel the need for having more list administrators, however list subscribers who are interested in keeping a check on the spam filter as moderators can write an email to either list admins.
Please note that I don't ask with persecutory intent, but merely to
clear gaps in my own understanding, which might be a problem that other
people on this list face as well. Since WikimediaIndia-l is such an
important place for all kinds of conversations that cut across the
movement in India, it's in all our interests to know exactly how it is

For more information, please review the following pages:


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