Hi all,

regarding the mail below:

Sundar and I have initiated contacts with Google on coordinating their article contributions.

Google has agreed in principle for the demands below.

We hope we can update all Indian Wikis about the progress in this collaboration, say in a month or two. Then it may be a good model for all Indian Wikis to follow. So, it may be a good idea for all Indian Wikis to wait during this period so Google need not have to do the same consensus evolving approach with many wikis.




From: Ravi shankar <ravidreams_03@yahoo.com>
To: wikimediaindia-l@lists.wikimedia.org
Sent: Fri, December 25, 2009 11:30:27 AM
Subject: Coordinating Google translation kit articles

Hi all,

Following the recent Wiki meet in Bangalore, Sundar (Tamil Wikipedian) brought to our notice that Google is contributing to various Indian language Wikis using Google translation kit and paid translators. In Tamil Wiki, we feel a strong need to corordinate / organize this activity andwe hope it is the same situation in many Indian language wikis.

So, may I propose that we discuss this in this mailing list and send a common notification from Indian language wikis to Google India? To begin with I propose the following. Please add to the list.

1. Google should appoint one coordinator each for every Indian language wiki where they contribute articles. This coordinator should be available to reach by mail and be adequately responsive (Say, once a week at least). He will take feedback from the wiki community and pass it to the paid contributors.

2. If Googe policy allows, they should know us the time frame and scale of this operation so we can plan accordingly.

3. Google should not translate existing articles because they are over riding previous contributions.

4. Each Wiki can submit a list of needed articles and the translators can consider giving priority from them.

5. Each Wiki can draft an essential Manual of Style which the translators shall follow.

6. Based on the responses for above, we shall periodically re-evaluate how we can continue to cooperate with Google.

After we finalise the list , some one of us who has links with Google India team can take this forward.



(Tamil Wiki)