More than 20000 plant photos to Wikimedia Commons:

We know Sri. Dinesh Valke is an ardent nature lover. He has been taking photos of plants for the last 12 years. Once he finds the correct identification he uploads it to Flickr. He is on a mission to find out the local name of the species in various languages. A continuous effort spanning all these years. As we know Flickr is a private company owned by Yahoo. It can decide the fate of images stored in its servers. Due to license restrictions nobody would be saving it to other places. Now Sri. Valke ji has decided that all his life long efforts are not a thing to be decided by a company's policy in the US. He has changed the licenses and ALL his plant photos, more than 20000, and ALL of them are now available at Wikimedia Commons which will eventually be used in Wikipedia articles in around 300 languages. Since Wikipedia is free anyone can download and store the images which means scores of Universities and Scholars will be storing them, in effect they are safe and nothing can destroy them. via Vinaya Raj V R

Thanks Sreejith Kulamgarath for the helps in wikimedia commons. You can see the images

Manoj Karingamadathil