Hi Harsh,
I have a few questions.
Was there any specific reason to go for a Separate MW Group? Is it due to legal/trademark issues or funding?
I'm sure that those two could be sorted if it were taken up by the Chapter similar to an SIG model.

On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 3:08 PM, Harsh Kothari <harshkothari410@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear friends,

This is to inform you all about the creation of the first MediaWiki group in India. For the past several days, Iíve been speaking to Quim Gil, Sumana and Yuvi Panda. I was informed about the setting up of local groups in different countries for technical contributors. With encouragement from all of them and with help from Noopur I submitted a proposal for the formation of MediaWiki Group Ahmedabad. This proposal has been endorsed by 7 people so far.

For those who might be interested in setting up similar groups, I think a Wikitech mailing list for India is being set up and personally, I would be happy to help you write a proposal for your community. I think itís a great idea because with the help of this technical group we intend to make good technical infrastructure and editing environment for Gujarati Wikipedia easier to contribute to.

I have already ported HotCat and Popups(on the way) on Gujarati Wikipedia. Please have a look at the areas we want to collaborate on:

Areas of collaboration:
  • Localize Gadgets for Gujarati Wikipedia and Wikisource
  • Create New Gadgets and extensions
  • Bug solving for Gujarati Wikipedia and WikiSource and also other MediaWiki related Bug solving for all Indian languages
  • Translate into Gujarati Language, i.e http://translatewiki.net/
  • Wikidata

You can read the proposal here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Groups/Proposals/Ahmedabad

Your endorsements, improvements and feedback are welcome at the wiki
page. Thank you!

Harsh Kothari

Harsh Kothari
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Physical Research Laboratory(PRL).

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