Dear Sudhanwa,


From the WMINElectionAndAppointmentRules.pdf

B. Voter’s List:
1. The electorate shall consist of the members of the Society i.e.
i. Individual Members
ii. Institutional Members
2. Provided:-
a. Members who are on the rolls of the Chapter three months prior to the AGM/Election day shall
form the eligible voters list.
3. Copy of Final Voters’ List shall be available at Registered office of the Society at least
twenty one days ahead of the Election Day and in the Election premises (if some other
Venue is selected as for conduct of Ballot) on the day of voting for inspection of Voters
4. Right to cast the vote shall be with the members only and is not transferable. For Institutional
members/voters, the person duly authorized can vote in person.

(Viswanathan Prabhakaran)