Hi Abhinav
Thanks for the clarification. It’s not in other list because we emailed them about the scholarship status and requested to withdraw the submission. Again, this wasn’t a complaint, just a concern about lack of information on such financial assistance program. Anyhow, we had many other active Wikimedians in the group who are working on the plans and taking the movement ahead :)

On Mon, 6 Aug 2018 at 12:26 AM, Abhinav srivastava <abhinav619@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Dr Manavpreet, 

It is unfortunate that you couldn’t present. Yes ! Transparency and effective messaging that one can approach affiliates for grants, in cases has been lacking in our community. It is not about any office bearer, I am sure CIS would have been neutral in making this judgement. 

Also, let’s take your SAARC idea ahead. 

Is this your submission ? 

I am not sure because it says submission under review. For selected submissions you can find another category. Maybe, I am wrong on this one. The way they have designed and put out categories it is difficult to sort. It could be that you didn’t receive the scholarship hence they didn’t put a tick mark. 

Dr Manavpreet Kaur, No special benefits for any office bearer. Your case should have been considered. 


On Sunday, August 5, 2018, Dr. Manavpreet Kaur <dr.manavpreetkaur@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi everyone,
First of all, why is everyone else other than the one being questioned addressing the mail?
As Abhinav said, If this is about voicing our opinions and concerns on a public mailing list, I’d like to bring something to your notice and seek your opinions on the same. In 2017, I and Stalinjeet went to Wikimedia Conference, Berlin. There we had an informal SAARC MEETUP and later we were all in the Strategy Discussion Team (as team no. 17), we discussed the issues SAARC Communities are facing and the kind of practices which might work well for the growth of our communities. Based on the discussions and inputs from the members from different communities (SAARC as well as global communities), we prepared a report and proposed the same for presentation at Wikimania, 2017. The presentation was shortlisted, but as both of us were not selected for the scholarship, we had to withdraw our submission as we were not aware of any such funding assistance being offered by CIS-A2K. This is not a complaint but a question that is this financial assistance available only for some specific position holders or is open to all the Wikimedians? and If this assistance is being offered to the Wikimedians, why there was no formal notice about the same? 
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