Bangalore is called the Garden city. Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park played a significant role in this city getting this name. The annual flower show on Jan 26th is approaching. A huge crowd is expected. 

I was curious to see what is in the Lal Bagh article in Wikipedia. I felt it was lean on 'Botanical' content. As a botanical garden there should be talk of the species of trees available, the rare ones that are not easy to find elsewhere etc. 

Yesterday I met the  the Dy Director of the Horticulture department to identify any help they can provide. (Karnataka is perhaps unique in having a horticulture department as part of its governance structure). He has shown enthusiasm. Next week I will be meeting the Director (who is currently on tour) to seek his approval. Once this is done, we can have a Sunday meet of Bangalore wikimedians at the Garden, get a overview of the Lal Bagh and a guided tour by Botanical experts, who can provide the domain knowledge related to the unique species we have here etc. That should enable people to write about these dimensions in the existing articles. 

We may also explore possibilities of introducing a QR code for the unique specimen and articles related to them. In all probability some articles will exist. But if these species are rare, the articles can mention the availability of the specimen at Lal bagh in the article pages of Lal Bagh as well as the species. Hope fully this can be in the next week end. ie 15th Dec. That may give us ample time to embellish the article before Jan 26 flower show. 

I am also considering inviting PG students in Horticulture from the University of agriculturaal sciences, Gandhi Krishi Vignan Kendra Campus, Bangalore.  

Those interested in participating please write to me. 

Non Bangaloreans can perhaps look at Botanical Gardens with unique species of trees, plants etc nearer their town.  I understand the Botanical Garden at Kolkata is also famous. 

Wikimedia Chapter, Bangalore