In fact this is very much on-topic. A discussion regarding this topic is going on in Hindi wikipedia also.


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I realize this is a bit off-topic for the list. The intent is to put
forth the always present tussle between classical usage and colloquial
one. I haven't managed to dig out the circular though.
In a bid to overcome problems posed by difficult Hindi words,
Governmenthas asked section officers to use their ” hinglish”
replacements foreasy understanding and better promotion of the
The order issued by the Rajbhasha unit of Ministry of Home Affairs
wasrecently re-circulated in various offices after it was
officiallymentioned that such puritan use of Hindi generates
disinterest among masses.
The circular recommended that difficult Hindi words can be replaced
withEnglish alternatives in Devanagari script for official work.
Citing examples, Department of Official Language at Home Ministry
said‘misil’ can be replaced with file, ‘pratyabhuti’ with
guarantee,‘kunjipatal’ with keyboard and ‘sanganak’ with omnipresent
It also advocated use of popular Hindi words and English alternatives
tomake the language more attractive and popular in offices and masses.
“Whenever, during the official work, Hindi is used as
translatinglanguage, it becomes difficult and complex. There is an
urgent need tomake changes in the process of English to Hindi
translations.Translations should carry expression of the original text
rather thanword-by-word Hindi substitute,” the circular said.
It said use of popular words of Urdu, English, and other
regionallanguages should be promoted in official correspondence. Pure
Hindishould be for literary purposes while practical ‘mixed’ version
for workpurposes.
It said it is better to use English terms in Devnagri script than
totranslate them in pure Hindi.
sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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