Creating 300 articles in 3 weeks... such news should make us to introspect ; surely should not be encouraged ! 

Once the news used be like this. " Dr. Modi performed ....many eye operations ..." In my opinion although Dr. Modi was a great eye surgeon, and a great soul-still as for the Eye Operations are concerned he might have not made justice to his profession. This job is not like crushing sugar cane crop !

The above views are mine. I don't care whether any one agrees or not !

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 9:51 PM, Ravishankar <> wrote:

Tamil Wikipedia added another 1,000+ articles in the last 3 weeks.

Behind this is a remarkable story of 1 user who created 300 articles organically in 20 hours.

P.M.Puniyameen ( ) from Srilanka is a retired academician, prolific writer and independent journalist. He started contributing to Tamil Wikipedia from November 2010. In the short span of 5 months he has added 2000+ articles.

He set himself a target creating 200 articles on 20th April but ended up creating 300 articles in 20 hours. He was helped by his wife, daughter and two colleagues in typing the articles which were mainly info based articles on cricketers, small magazines. Earlier, he even created articles from his bed when he was in a medical rest.

Thought of sharing this story as it is inspiring to see people working with so much dedication, mobilising people and resources for Wikipedia.



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