Dear Hari and others,

I think there is no obvious need whatsoever for an "Indian language developers list". If there are issues the require attention and discussion related to language support in MediaWiki, there are three mailing lists that qualify for discussion already – depending on the exact topic -, and bugzilla[1] is the place to register the issue. Please be aware that cocooning leads to separation, while one of the strongpoints of the Wikimedia movements is being involved worldwide.

Mailing lists:
Of these three lists, currently only wikitech-l has a reasonable volume. The other lists are direly awaiting issues you will raise and discuss. For hardcore translation contributions for MediaWiki and its extensions, you are of course very welcome at Many Indian language need a lot more love with regards to localisation.

I hope you will reconsider having a need for a separate mailing list for developers with regards to language support for languages from India.


Siebrand Mazeland staff
MediaWiki developer


Van: Hari Prasad Nadig <>
Beantwoorden - Aan: "Discussion list on Indian language projects of Wikimedia." <>
Datum: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 08:42:01 +0530
Aan: Wikimedia India List <>
Onderwerp: [Wikimediaindia-l] Developers list for India specific discussions

The need for an India specific developers list is quite obvious considering that we have several Indian language projects on Wikimedia, each needing specific attention in terms of technology to improve contributions and community.

Considering that there is growing interest in India about Wikimedia, about mediawiki - platform that runs Wikipedia and related projects; taking into account that there is a growing community of developers interested to contribute, develop on India specific projects, an India specific list of developers seems to be a necessity.

The initial request for a mailing list was made in December: