Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that we are launching a new photography campaign for this year’s Independence day, named Share Your Struggle[1].

It is a public photo competition on Wikimedia Commons. The goal of the project is to improve coverage of free usable media files related to various struggles, such as social movements,
natural disasters, health crises such as COVID-19 pandemic, conflict-torn areas, and any other humanitarian crises. The goal is not only to document crises, but also humanitarian efforts and acts of kindness that happen during such crises. 

Given this is the first time and a pilot, the scope is limited to India only and related to a specific incident or theme only. We are just getting started to put this together to run the campaign, and it would be really helpful to get more volunteers from the wider community to be involved in organizing the campaign.

If you are interested, please fill in the volunteer sign up form[2]. Also, feedback and
suggestions are welcome on the talk page[3]. For any queries contact us at shareyourstruggle2021@gmail.com

[1] https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Share_Your_Struggle_2021
[2] https://forms.gle/wU82P8Xo1dxZ7GW96
[3] https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons_talk:Share_Your_Struggle_2021

On behalf of
Organizing team, Share Your Struggle 2021