==Forwarded Message: Monuments of Spain Challenge and Indic Languages==

Hello. As you may know by now, I run the Challenge organized by Wikimedia España. First of all, thank you for over 100 articles.

This is our first contest on such a scale and we started out of necessity, so we have many things to improve. One of the most difficult parts of this project was to make it known. First of all we had translations, which run smoothly to Spanish, Catalan, French, Galician, Russian ... well, the easy ones. But we needed to place some kind of advertisement campaign. We did so in 148 languages. We used an assortment of Cafés, Village Pumps, Embassies, people that voltunteered to translate, Architecture or Spain Projects: any kind of suitable place.

With such a diverse placing, we found ourselves with two problems. One is that not all languages could be covered (Awadhi, Maithili and Sinhala couldn't be). The other is that it's very like that we informed in the wrong places: obsolete pages or just where nobody ever goes.

So in addition to the three languages mentioned before, we find several other major Indic languages that have not been edited, like Bangla, Kannada, Assamese, Telugu or Malayalam, to name some.

As I've seen that you're active in Wikimedia in several Indic languages, I wonder if you could provide us with a place to communicate our activities. The Subcontinent is definitely very active, just see the number of editors and articles.

Thank you for participating and for your time.

Luis Ulzurrun

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