I am interested in organising the event with past experience in the field of events organisation.
Name: Nageswara Rao Gullapalli
5-36 Durganagar, Dilshuknagar, Hyderabad 500060 India
Emaoil: nrgullapalli@gmail.com  Mobile: 9848211556
Wiki ID: Nrgullapalli   Mostly contributing Telugu community
Thanks awaiting to hear from you  again

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Dear all,

We are looking for members of the 2017 Wikimania program committee!
The committee will help put together the program and schedule for
Wikimania Montreal, to be held on 9-13 August 2017:

Committee member responsibilities include helping promote the call for
submissions and recruiting speakers, helping design the program and
reviewing program submissions. Review dates this year are April 2017
and mid-May through June 2017; program committee members should commit
to having availability for reviewing submissions and regular meetings
during those times.

If you are a Wikimedian interested in building a great Wikimania, you
are welcome to apply! We are especially looking for committee members
with experience with (one or more of) sister projects, non-English
speaking communities, technical projects, or GLAM and education
projects. We are also especially looking for French speakers who can
assist in recruiting and reviewing French-language submissions.

Please let us know if you are interested by contacting
wikimania-program@lists.wikimedia.org with your name, interest, and
availability. We will be forming the committee quickly. More
information on the program, including the call for submissions, will
be coming soon.

Thank you!
Marc-Andre Pelletier (Wikimania chair)
Phoebe Ayers (program co-chair)
Deror Lin (program co-chair)
Guillame Paumier (program co-chair)

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Nageswara Rao Gullapalli
Vani Nilayam
5-36 Durganagar, Dilshuknagar
Hyderabad 500060,India

Ph:91-40-24046990 M:9848211556