I think I should write more bluntly to put this point across. For the quantum of money spent, I'd like to see a WHOLE LOT more than what is on offer now. 

I differ from the position Ravi has taken of wanting to stop funding etc., 

We, in India, have been stung once by the work of India Program. What you see here is just a case of once bitten twice shy. We are being extra cautious here because while CIS can walk away from failed programmes (since even did WMF India programs), leaving the community to clean up the mess. 

No efforts have been made since to rebuild the community that once left the movement after a similar storm. This is the reason why you see no engagement from the community with CIS' early efforts here. Can you see any documented community feedback? All work seem to have happened off-wiki and the low trust environment in which they worked led to differing versions of the same conversations happening.

Backstage conversations, undocumented meetings, lack of transparency have only worsened the situation. You see conversations where WMF staff daring WMIN to make certain things public and counter accusations and accusations flying. 

Gerard is right. The first thing that needs to be done is to build the community - the people. The situation as is inspires no one. Frankly, each individual left on his own home computer and his own passion will have accomplished the same as we have. We all need to become Wikipedians again.

Warm regards,
Pradeep Mohandas

On Wednesday, 30 April 2014, Gerard Meijssen <gerard.meijssen@gmail.com> wrote:
What is unclear in the response of Asaf that there is no relation between the money received by CIS and the Indian chapter? There is no rupee less available to India when either CIS or the Indian chapter gets less money. When you spoil it for CIS, you spoil it for India.

When the Indian chapter finds it in itself to cooperate with CIS, the likelyhood is that it will inherit its programs and budget at the end of its run. With your campaign to stop asking people to donate to the WMF, you spoil it for both. It is NOT a zero sum game and you have everything to lose. This is a great way to lose everything.. 

Ravi what is your motivation, how do you gain?

On 30 April 2014 10:07, Ravishankar <ravidreams@gmail.com> wrote:
Why should Wikimedia donors pay for the mistakes of the WMF?

I am thinking if we should start campaigning asking people not to donate to WMF citing wasteful expenditures like these.

Please point if any such campaign already exists.


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