when I was really active back in 2012, I remember a WMDE employee stating that such decisions are made by the community and not by WMDE. I have asked for clarification on the Project Chat.

As for empty data items; please read the notabilty policy.
An article is notable if it satisfies any one of the following three:

1. It contains at least one valid sitelink to a Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, Wikiquote or Wikimedia Commons page.

2. It refers to an instance of a clearly identifiable conceptual or material entity. The entity must be notable, in the sense that it can be described using serious and publicly available references. If there is no item about you yet, you are probably not notable.

3. It fulfills some structural need, for example: it is needed to make statements made in other items more useful.

Please don't mislead the community who might have their contributions deleted due to lack of notabilty.

On 20 May 2014 12:06, Gerard Meijssen <> wrote:
In a previous thread there was discussion if Wikidata items without associated articles are permitted and makes sense. In the office-hour I asked Lydia to comment.

[18:49] <GerardM-> what is your opinion on items without links ... but items that are well linked to other items or complete a list  ?
[18:51] <Lydia_WMDE> GerardM-: they are fine imho. wikidata is covering more than wikipedia for example

So it is "officially sanctioned" we can and do have items in Wikidata that are not (yet) linked to any Wikipedia article. They will not be deleted when they link other items or when they include statements that show relevance/ notability.

Effectively we can add a presence for all members of the Lok Sabha and add links as and when they become available.

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